photoI am a Senior Software Engineer working for a heavy equipment sales and rental company in Arizona. I work on a team of people who manage their internal and external web applications. Most of our web platforms are Windows .NET using C#. Our databases are various versions of SQL Server depending on which server a particular application is using.

Outside of work, I have a variety of hobbies and interests including things like search and rescue, fitness, commercial photography, astronomy, helping my wife with her midwifery business and birth center, and other things as I run into them.

Below are links to my current resume. If you are a recruiter with a position in an industry that I am interested in, you might get my attention. 🙂

Organizations of Interest: http://www.sandangel.com/industries.txt

Text Version: http://www.sandangel.com/resume.txt

Word version: http://www.sandangel.com/resume.doc

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I created this site to post links, music, and tutorials on a variety of topics that I run into in the course of a day. Bobby Chuck is a word play on my first and middle name, Robert Charles. Since it is a nickname, I have owned and used the domain since 2000.